Dr Rayyan EshaghPour

Dr. Rayyan Eshaghpour

Dr. Rayyan EshaghPour is a Venture Builder based in Asia with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience across APAC & MENA. Often described as a “Technopreneur”; Dr. Rayyan possesses a unique mix between technology and business models, localised to effectively drive Asian market adoption.

Dr. Rayyan comes from 12 years of industry experience as well, engaging with massive tech-driven organisations like Clarizen, Salesforce, and Google before he started building his own businesses & platforms. CoFounder of several startups within Branding, Tech, Education, & International Trade till date; Dr. Rayyan also focuses on cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain projects within the region.

From holistic business models down to the operational components like impactful white-papers, sustainable fundraising exercises, etc — the entire end-to-end process made easier & more effective because of Dr. Rayyan’s collective market experience plus his ROI-centric mindset.

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HODLing vs Trading

A lot of friends and family are asking me if it is a good time to enter the crypto market. What should I buy? How much should I invest? Well, by now, you must have heard of the term “HODLing”, and you are probably wondering if it is different from...

How to Cultivate A Warrior Mindset

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The Mindset of A True Entrepreneur

The Mindset of A True Entrepreneur

It’s no news that as an entrepreneur, you must always try to think positively—no matter how difficult it may be.  However, what kind of mindset should a true entrepreneur have? Let’s find out! The Entrepreneurial Mindset Before we talk...

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