Entrepreneurship: How to Balance Life and Work

Entrepreneurship: How to Balance Life and Work

Entrepreneurship: How to Balance Life and Work
Entrepreneurship: How to Balance Life and Work by Dr Rayyan EshaghPour

Busy bragging is quite popular amongst many Americans. This culture is commonest amongst entrepreneurs particularly because it seems to elevate the idea that busyness, without any time to spare for leisure, is elite status. 

For most entrepreneurs, especially in the western world, the more time you spend working, the greater the sense of pride and respect you have for your efforts. This is why it may seem a bit difficult, and sometimes rather impossible, for many entrepreneurs to create a harmonious balance between their work and personal life.

But, a good business person who wants to invariably improve their level of productivity, maximize great profit, and maintain great health at the same time, must be able to evenly balance life and work. 

And, how can you do this?

By Embracing the Right Mindset

As I explained in a previous article, having the right mindset as an entrepreneur is very important in the development and transformation of a successful business. People without the right mindset, positivity, determination, and energy cannot even be exactly described as “entrepreneurs.”

So, why is having the right mindset important in creating a life-work balance? 

Because, people with the right mindset find it a lot easier to achieve the work-life balance they need to solve problems and transform their creative ideas into reality. A positive mindset also puts you in the right place for continuous development and motivates you to do your very best in ensuring unparalleled success in your business.

By Eliminating Trifle Activities

Many entrepreneurs seem to believe, due to what some researchers have called the “busy bragging epidemic,” that being busy (or at least pretending to be) all the time, makes them feel more important in the business world.

But, that’s completely untrue! 

For what it’s worth, most successful entrepreneurs today are those who have been able to continuously maintain their focus over time.

For you to attain the same status as this set of people, you would have to do away with all those unnecessary activities you’ve created to foster your inappropriate predispose to this idea of “constant busyness”. You’d have to schedule your work-life activities and try to always keep your eyes on the main goal (that is, making your own business a success too).

Creating the Time for Social Activities

Having an active social life is another important factor we have to consider. They play such a crucial role in helping us maintain a healthy mental and physical state. To back this up, research has also confirmed people who create time for social gatherings and interaction live way longer than those without.

Find time to interact with friends and family, join a social club, attend parties, create close connections with people. These activities do not only help you build a wide network of people, it will also improve your health and help you live a long and fulfilled business life. 

By Setting Boundaries

Set boundaries! Know when to keep away from work and settle in with your family, or in front of your TV.

In essence, setting clear boundaries helps you to balance life and work. It also boosts your level of productivity to a great extent and keeps your stress and anxiety levels in check. Let your mind be at ease for a moment! Avoid office-related late night texts and calls. They can always wait until the next morning.

If you feel they can’t wait, you can alternatively delegate a lot of your duties to your employees (if you have any) whenever you’re spending time with yourself and/or your family.

By Taking Compulsory Breaks

Know when to stop! Take compulsory breaks when you have to. You’re not a machine that can work for hours or days on end, you’re a human who needs regular rests to recuperate. Don’t hesitate to take them. 

Taking necessary breaks when you can will significantly sharpen your creative prowess and ultimately boost your revenue at the end of the day. 

Sometimes, Relax and “Do Nothing”

Sometimes, it pays to “do nothing.” 

According to Headlee Celeste, author of the book, Do Nothing, we obsess so much about “productivity and hard work,” and forget that sometimes relaxing and doing something you enjoy can do you and your company/brand a lot of good. 

Remember the proverb, “all work and no play makes Jack a dullard”? Of course, you do. It may sound cliché, but it does pass across the message that doing nothing, sometimes, can improve entrepreneurial skills, especially your sixth sense and problem-solving skills.

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